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* Fig Infused Traditional Red Balsamic Vinegar
* 18 Year Old Traditional Red Balsamic Vinegar
Meyer Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olives & Pickled Garlic

*Almond Stuffed Olives
*Plain Pitted Sicilian Olives
*Habanero pickled garlic  & Plain Pickled Garlic






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About tilliesnevada

Been enterpernuter in the Specialty Food & Restaurant Business for more than 35 years. Opened Tillie Gort's Coffee House in Pacific Grove Ca. in 1969 ( still exists today ) Started The Grainery, the first Natural Food Store & Bakery on the Monterey Peninsula Ca. in 1972, it was eventually purchased By Whole Foods, only to close it to eliminate competition. Opened Gibroni's Restaurant, the first Specialty Food Store & Italian Deli in Sandpoint Idaho. in 1977. sold in 1979, but was closed a few years later by the new owner. Opened Gil's Gourmet Gallery a wholesale Specialty Food Business on Monterey's historic Cannery Row in 1989, enlarged and relocated to Sand City Ca. in 1993 ( still exists today) Than retired and moved to Yerington NV. in 2004, than started Tillie's Nevada in 2012, a true Mom & Pop home based retail Specialty Food Business owned and operated with wife Vicki. (still exists today)
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