Pickled Green Beans

Tillie Beans

8 oz. Jar $5.50 – case of 12 jars $54.00 (½ gallon not offered)
These snappy, crisp and gently spicy pickled green beans are great right out of the
jar. Enjoy in potato, pasta, chicken and green salads. Ideal as a Bloody Mary garnish.

Pickled Green Beans

These Pickled Green Beans are the perfect appetizers that can make any boring, tasteless dish scrumptious. These crispy and gently spicy pickled beans are a treat when used with Bloody Mary. As an appetizer, a bite of our special pickle will pique the taste buds. During the meal, they will act as a refreshing contrast to your usual meal.

The health benefits of these pickled green beans include a good supply of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to modest diabetes control, better digestion, liver protection and a supply of probiotics. Diet conscious people will love our pickled green beans as they are quite low in calories.

If you are looking for ways to flavor your food without adding unhealthy amounts of fat, then our product is the one for you. These will replace the mayonnaise on your burger or sandwich and the high-fat salad dressing on your home made salad, thus keeping u fit and satisfied at once.